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Watch 9Preparing Your Heart The scriptures tell us over and over again that the state of our heart is critical to the state of our relationship with God and is the basis for our salvation. PreparingYourHeart.pngar_MRCN-GtM 
Watch 10The Believers Rest Entering into His rest is the Sabbath rest that every believer has in Jesus everyday and it means learning to be content and at peace whatever the circumstances Thebelieversrest.pngE4bYwMXUjHU 
Watch 14Discussion on Demonic Possession Part 1 Panel Discussion on whether tithing is required by Christians and then the The first part of a discussion on demonic possession. Demonicpossessionpart1.png3KXCS2pSRj801 Jan 1900
Watch 15Discussion on Demonic Possession Part 2 Part two of a panel discussion on the whether or not Christians can be demon possesed DemonicPossessionPart2.pngHioYIkBP8cA01 Jan 1900
Watch 16The Law of Moses and the Law of Christ The Law of Moses has been fulfilled and rendered inoperative and we are now in grace under the Law of Christ. LawOfMosesLawOfChrist.png3wzJ1SUXtsw 
Watch 17Enquiring of the Lord When we enquire of the Lord whether by casting lots, putting out a fleece or going to another Christian there are certain principles we need to understand with regards to this subject before we enquire of the Lord. EnQuiringOfTheLord.pngZYJgimLttPw 
Watch 18You Must Be Born Again Born Again is a common term among believers. MustBeBornAgain.png wGZjz5Wauv801 Jan 1900
Watch 19The Love of God The Love of God is often quoted by Christians, but how true is the common belief. This teaching examines the Love of God from a biblical perspective. LoveofGod.pngf_UKqxGQKy0 
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