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Watch 1Who are you? If you know and understand your significance in Christ, it frees you to do the work of the kingdom without condemnation or fear. This way you are more able to hear the Lord clearly and without the world's interference. WhoAreYou.pngSvHpcXtEp3o01 Jan 1900
Watch 2Being a Christian The faithful Christian is recognised, not purely by what is believed, but by the bearing of good fruit. Post-modernistic ideology is challenged by the Gospel of Jesus Christ; a selfless relationship supplanting an egocentric one. Beingachristian.pngTbvgr0Ad6ZM01 Jan 1900
Watch 3Grace We are saved by faith through grace and understanding this allows us to understand that we are to live by having faith in God. In this the grace of God abounds in our lives Grace.pngCGxFa6BI5vQ01 Jan 1900
Watch 4My Rights Humans assume authority for themselves and use it to assert a self-determined morality. In actuality, God is the only one with a valid claim on our rights, lives and general wellbeing. Myrights.pngj4jPsNDhUzU 
Watch 5With All Your Heart Getting your heart right is not about being emotional, it's about getting your emotions right with God. WithAllYourHeart.pngsdEbceDv5vw01 Jan 1900
Watch 6The Roles of Believers In The Church We as christians have been alloted specific roles to preform as part of the body of Christ. It is essential that we understand our calling and submit ourselves according to God's plan for our lives. Roleofbelieversinthechurch.pngps77NqgVjdA 
Watch 7Love & Truth Truth without Love or Love with Truth cannot work. Both are required for a balanced Christian walk. Loveandtruth.pngiGHqAoO8myI 
Watch 8Sorcery Sorcery biblically defined is not Harry Potter or Dungeons and Dragons. Biblically sorcery is trusting something or someone else for direction and guidance other than God. Sorcery.pngUW_Bq0VEACE 
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